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We build
engaging websites marketing campaigns online reputations working relationships

Optimising Your Website: 5 Ways to Increase Demo Requests

Although a website’s function differs from one industry to another, its primary purpose is the same. It allows businesses to increase visibility towards prospective customers through the internet’s wide reach. To this end, you must focus on converting site visitors into loyal customers.

Your website must offer significant help because visitors can get to know more about you and your service quality. This is why your best course of action would be to optimise your website so you can get more demo requests.

Optimising Your Business Website for Demos

Many companies tend to distract visitors by showcasing products and services as merely “nice-to-have” things. When this happens, it doesn’t reinforce why visitors should support the brand and loses the value of a brand’s offers. For this reason, it’s a good strategy to implement demos for your services.

Unfortunately, you won’t entice site visitors to try your demo if your site isn’t optimised. Remember that it’s not just your website’s visuals that need work, since it must be efficient in other functional aspects; you should also keep an eye on key variables like bounce rates and user behaviour before optimising your site.

Website optimisation strategies to gain more demo requests
It’s a good strategy to implement demos for your services

Here are five website optimisation strategies to gain more demo requests:

1. Integrate Lead Flow Pop-Ups

You must identify which pages on your website drive organic traffic. Then, experiment a little by adding lead flow pop-ups to entice site visitors with your demos. Lead flow pop-ups capture qualified visitors, which you can monitor by using software like HubSpot.

The best places to include lead flow pop-ups are through products, services, and pricing pages. You can try different copies and presentations for your pop-ups, like drop-down banners or bottom corner pop-ups, to determine which works best.

2. Test Your Calls to Action (CTAs)

A call to action (CTA) tells your site viewers what to do next, usually after following a content piece or service offer. In the realm of business marketing, your CTAs must keep someone engaged with your brand. Having the same CTA across your different landing pages will be repetitive, so you can switch it up by using different variants like “Schedule an appointment”, “Go to our website to get a quote”, or “Book a consultation.”

Keep in mind that your CTA’s verbs and direct objects should align with the service you’re offering. Additionally, where you place your CTA also assists in its visibility and purposefulness. For example, CTAs are best placed on the right-hand side of your website as product advertisements. On the other hand, CTAs for blog posts work best when placed at the end of an article.

3. Provide Clear, Concise Copy

You should always accommodate your customers’ level of understanding. Doing so will help you adjust your marketing copy’s tone and wording. If you use incomprehensible words, your language will throw them off. Remember that you must give your website visitors a reason to stay by providing the right message.

4. Showcase Your Service Offers through Video Content

Humans learn best with visuals, so you should take advantage of this by producing videos that highlight the operations of your business. This lets site viewers look at how things work behind the scenes in your company, giving them a better understanding of your brand. For example, you can add a video preview on your demo page to grab the attention of your website’s visitors.

5. Use Chatbot Technology and Live Chat Functions

Chatbots and live chat are good ways to get visitors engaged with your brand immediately. For example, visitors will find the support they need down your sales funnel by conversing with a chatbot pre-programmed responses. On the other hand, live chat functions let you talk with website visitors directly to answer any of their queries.


Website optimisation is no easy task, and it will take you a long time to find a strategy that will work for your business. The good news is that it all comes down to data analysis and looking for areas that need improvement so that you can get the best results.

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Optimising Your Website: 5 Ways to Increase Demo Requests

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