We build engaging websites marketing campaigns online reputations working relationships

We build
engaging websites marketing campaigns online reputations working relationships

Save Time with these Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Small businesses are booming in these changing times. The pandemic that upended our lives gave way to more online businesses than ever before. Digital marketing services have come to the forefront as well.

Marketing agencies can help small business owners with time-saving marketing ideas and strategies to boost their presence and revenues.

Strategies for Digital Marketing that Work for Your Company

Marketing works best when done consistently. Frequently engaging with your customers can help your business to grow. However, there are other aspects of your business that need your attention. When time is limited, recognising what you want to do and who you want to talk to is essential. You need to schedule your marketing time around your busiest times.

Listed below are a few recommendations to help you get started:

Create a Marketing Strategy

Any effective campaign starts with a great goal. It’s critical to know your goals, target audience, and how you plan to reach them. For instance, you can plan a month’s worth of social media marketing material at once to keep your brand’s strategic direction and messaging consistent.

Prioritise Your Audience

There are several methods to engage your audience. Prioritise based on your target demographic with intuitive marketing.

Consider Outsourcing

Entrepreneurs try to do everything in the early lives of their businesses. Consider what you love doing, your skillset, and what you can outsource.

Adapt Content

To reuse or update content, split down a blog piece into several social media postings.

Schedule Content in Bulk

Instead of trying to update every day, consider pre-planning your material for a week or month. That doesn’t mean you can’t post as you see fit, but you’ll know your material aligns with your plan.

Create Email Newsletter Templates

Create a newsletter template and set up email marketing automation to save time. Automation delivers your messaging professionally, creatively, and on schedule, which means your business functions while you focus elsewhere.

Plan Daily

Finally, plan daily, concentrating on activities that will significantly influence your business and ruthlessly avoiding or delegating those that will not.

Time-Efficient Digital Marketing Tools You Can Use

There are various solutions available online to assist you in effectively organising your marketing. Some provide a free version, while others give a low-cost version to help you get started.

Here are some time-efficient tools you can use:

Social Media Scheduling

There are modifications and cutbacks to the free scheduling tools. Tools save time and allow complete visibility into what is shared and adequately scheduled. Yes, you can even schedule both Facebook and Instagram posts directly into Facebook. Other tools include Hootsuite, Meet Edgar, ContentCal, and Buffer.

Email Sender

Using an email deployment platform may help you create professional emails and newsletters, manage your data list, and ensure GDPR compliance. Mailchimp and Mailer Lite are two of the most outstanding solutions available for free on the market. Explore the options to see which one best fits your requirements.

Graphic Design Platform

High-performing websites need high-quality imagery. Canva is a free graphic design platform that’s great for making creative images and videos for your campaigns. You can also use it to build your brand’s logo and other collaterals.

It has a simple drag and drop interface for customising thousands of templates. It has a wide array of editing features that beginners and professionals love.

Free Image Banks

You have to use either royalty-free or paid images in your campaigns. Pixabay and Unsplash are good examples of free image libraries for your promotions. Paid image banks Shutterstock and iStock are also popular among professionals.

Time Management

Time is a vital resource for entrepreneurs. Organise yourself, and don’t forget anything. Use project management software like Asana, Trello, or our favourite Monday.com. These tools also come with amazing freebies.


These time-saving tools can jumpstart your marketing journey, but there are more tools available as well for whatever Marketing and SEO services you need. Maximise your tools so they amplify your marketing efforts.

At Stellified, we help you build marketing campaigns that establish brand awareness, generate leads, and increase conversions for your small business. We can help you reach your target audience in a measurable, time-efficient, and cost-effective way. Contact us today.


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Save Time with these Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

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