We build engaging websites marketing campaigns online reputations working relationships

We build
engaging websites marketing campaigns online reputations working relationships

Businesses Can’t Survive Without Search Traffic

No matter what type of online presence you have and regardless what you are trying to accomplish (sell a product, get someone to join your email list, have people read a blog post, etc.) there is one thing you need more than anything else... TRAFFIC.
Your Business Can’t Survive Without Traffic

Do you own a blog or an e-commerce store? Maybe you operate some other type of website or online business? Perhaps you are a life coach, an author, a budding five-star chef or a podcaster? No matter what you do, you always need traffic.

It’s the same thing with physical, brick-and-mortar businesses. Think about your favourite restaurant. It wouldn’t be in business very long if you and lots of other people stopped going. That restaurant needs lots of traffic in the form of hungry diners and it needs this traffic flow day after day, night after night.

As soon as traffic stops, the business is in trouble.

As soon as website traffic stops, the business is in trouble.
Website analytics dashboard

If you are reading this, it is because you want more traffic to your website. You want more web surfers to check out your little piece of virtual real estate. The beauty of the Internet is that it is available 24 hours a day. This means nonstop, global access to your blog or website. The potential is much greater than for brick-and-mortar businesses that are often closed for several hours each day.

Even so, it really doesn’t matter if people can check out your online presence any time day or night if they simply aren’t showing up. If you’re not getting the number of visitors to your website that you would like, you have a traffic problem.

This post will help you fix that problem.

Incidentally, what you hope to accomplish online really doesn’t matter. You still need lots of consistent traffic.

Most web businesses are attempting to sell something. The more eyeballs you get on your offer, the more you are going to sell. There are times when you want people to read your latest blog post or sign up to your email newsletter.

Sometimes you aren’t selling anything. You just want visitors to click a link, watch a video, sign up for a webinar or listen to your podcast. You’re building your brand or trying to establish yourself as an authority in your market. Whether you are selling or informing, engaging or entertaining, the more traffic you get, the more successful you are going to be.

Before you get started putting into practice the proven traffic generation techniques in this report, there is something you absolutely must know. Remember this simple rule whenever you address your audience in any way and you virtually guarantee your web visitors will come back again and again, ensuring steady traffic flow.

The Golden Rule of Traffic Generation

The Golden Rule of Traffic Generation
Analytics and statistics

People in the real estate business always talk about location, location, location. They know that if a house or business is in a desirable location and conveniently located it can fetch a larger selling price than the exact same property located in the middle of nowhere. This is why you will hear realtors say that location is the golden rule of real estate.

On the Internet, traffic is king.

Even if your product or service is just average, get enough traffic and your business can be a success. On the other hand, you may have the best product in your market. It may solve really big problems for your target audience, and you have it priced at pennies on the dollar compared to similar products. Again You back it up with great customer service and have hundreds of testimonials from happy customers.

If you don’t have any traffic to your website so people can find out about your amazing offering, your business is sunk.

This is why it’s so important to make every single visitor to your web property feel important. Web traffic is like gold. You should respect it and treat it accordingly. It is the most valuable commodity on the Internet. When you can get visitors to your site telling other people about what you have to offer and spreading the word for you, your traffic starts to multiply.

Your visitors start sharing your blog posts, videos, social media updates and podcasting sessions with their friends who then pass the word on to their friends as well. You start getting more and more traffic and Google notices. They begin to rank you higher in search engine listings for keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business, and you enjoy a consistent and steady flood of free traffic.

This can happen only if you remember the golden rule of traffic generation any time you address your audience.

Never forget that web traffic is made up of individual people.

Think about it for a minute. How many blog posts or advertisements have you read that address a group of people rather than you as an individual person? You see it all the time, unfortunately.

Businesses spend lots of time, effort and money and they don’t think about the individual. They want to get thousands or millions of people to their website, and who doesn’t? The problem is that they are thinking about a group rather than a single person.

Everything you write, every video you create, every podcast session you record should address a single person. If you have 100 web visitors at any given point in time, all on your website at exactly the same time, they are not there as a group. They do not know if anyone else is on your web property at the same time, and frankly, they don’t care. When you check your Google analytics report and see that you had 100 visitors at the same time, you might think that’s great.

And it is a good thing, as long as each one of those separate people feels like you are talking to him or her alone.

Write to the individual. Make your videos as if you are talking to one person across a coffee table. Get to know the biggest problems the people in your target audience have. Find out what keeps them up at night. Think about your perfect prospect, the most ideal individual person you could address. Then make all your content speak to that one person.

As soon as you start thinking in terms of groups and large numbers of people as opposed to the individual who will be consuming your content, you are in trouble.

Remember, traffic is not numbers. Traffic is individuals. Always address an individual person with your marketing messages, blog posts, videos and other content, and your conversions, sales and profits will reward you.

Isn’t that really what traffic’s about, anyway?

You want to raise your conversion rate. You want more of the people that show up to your website to click a link or join your email newsletter or buy your products. It’s much easier to engage and persuade an individual than it is to get a group of people to do something.

This means when you create content that speaks to a single individual that is the ideal prospect in your market, you are going to be more successful. This is the Golden Rule of web traffic.

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Your Business Can’t Survive Without Traffic
Businesses Can’t Survive Without Search Traffic

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