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We build
engaging websites marketing campaigns online reputations working relationships

Common Mistakes That Can Damage Your Online Reputation

The internet is one the most fascinating and scariest places for any business to be these days. Your company can be made or unmade in the blink of an eye, and you might not even realise it right away.

Everything can be found online today, and that is both a blessing and a curse for all businesses alike. While this shift to a digital world has been very convenient and beneficial for companies, there’s no ignoring the landmine that you must navigate.

The work of building a brand online does not stop when you’ve established yourself. Your reputation plays a massive role in the success of your business, and so maintaining and growing it is essential. But that’s usually easier said than done. Apart from actively improving your reputation, protecting it is another layer of work separate from the rest.

In today’s article, we will discuss common mistakes that can damage your reputation online.

Failing to Monitor your Reputation

Although we have already established a whole new world and culture online, some companies still aren’t as fully integrated into the world as they should be. Whether or not you’re interested in being online is irrelevant. However, that doesn’t mean you can straddle the lines comfortably. If you choose to keep your company offline, you’re going to have to stay offline.

Once you take your company online, you must commit to your decisions. Everything goes online, so it’s hard even to stay offline. If your company has any success, people are going to talk about it. There will be those that are interested. Soon enough, there will also be trolls that do nothing more than to eat away at your reputation.

It’s better to get ahead of things and monitor your online reputation. At the very least, you will have an idea of what you can improve and what you’re doing well. Businesses should make an effort to know what the general public thinks about them to grow and improve. Otherwise, you might become an online punching bag without even knowing it.

Common Mistakes That Can Damage Your Online Reputation
Improve or maintain your reputation with audience engagement

Not Engaging with the Online Community

One of the most active goals of digital marketing is to get engagement from the audience. As a business with an online presence, it’s your responsibility to meet the audience halfway. Engagement from your end can go a long way in improving your online reputation.

Digital marketing aims to make your company’s products or services desirable and attractive. But another goal is to make your brand more accessible and approachable. People don’t want to buy from a company with a bad reputation. To them, that’s as good as having bad products or services.

Your reputation can reflect the overall quality of your company, so it’s important to engage with the audience and showcase your brand’s character and personality.

When looking at the reviews on your website, make sure to give attention to both good and bad reviews. Respond professionally, but be sympathetic to their complaints and thankful for their positive feedback. Be relatable and human.

Getting too Comfortable

It can be easy to get comfortable once you establish your online presence and see that your effort is paying off. However, you should know by now how fickle audiences can be. Trends come and go, and so does success. Digital marketing is a never-ending pursuit of success and new goals.

When you find your company in good waters online, don’t let this make you complacent. As mentioned earlier, the internet can be a scary place. It’s vital to double down on your positive reputation instead of resting on it. Maintain good relationships with your customers and continue to make an effort to connect with new people.


Plenty of brands have met their end thanks to a slip in their reputation. Since things happen so fast on the internet, brands might not even have an idea that they’re falling until it’s too late. That’s why you must be as active in protecting your reputation as much as growing it.

It’s not easy building a reputation from the ground. However, once you’ve done the hard work of building your brand, make sure to continue working on it and protecting it.

If you’re interested in exploring social media and improving your digital marketing, we can help you. Stellified is a UK-based web design and digital marketing agency in Staffordshire. Our mission is to help you reach your goals in measurable and cost-effective ways.

To learn more about what we do, and in particular, how we can help you manage your online reputation schedule a call with us today!


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Common Mistakes That Can Damage Your Online Reputation

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