We build engaging websites marketing campaigns online reputations working relationships

We build
engaging websites marketing campaigns online reputations working relationships

Why Your London-Based Business Needs a Website

Back in 2018, The Artlab did research that found that well over half of UK consumers (around 63%) use digital means when looking for a product. Given the events of the last year or so, that number has well and surely skyrocketed, especially with the lockdowns and stay-at-home orders throwing businesses globally into the digital space. At this point, eCommerce is at its peak as well.

Is Having a Website Essential?

With the statistic above, is having a website important? Simply put, the answer to this is: yes. An official website is vital for as long as a business exists, no matter how big or small it is. The internet has become the general go-to for people who are seeking services or goods. Eventually, they will create a shortlist of sorts and make their final selection based on company websites.

Despite the growing number of brick-and-mortar businesses moving online, start-ups and microbusinesses don’t have any online presence at all. Statistically, it’s roughly six out of every 10 of them. Being part of the 40 per cent will give businesses a major edge.

The website of a London-based business needs a domain name, a personalised email address, a cohesive website theme and design, as well as imagery and content.

Website Development & Design Plans
What to consider when planning & building  a website

Ready to have your own website? Here are just a few of the things to consider:


It may go without saying, but creating a website will require costs that are both upfront and ongoing. Upfront cost includes paying for development, design, hosting as well as the website’s domain name. Costs that are ongoing include website maintenance, content updates and renewal for both the hosting and domain name.

Domain Name

This is a two-part situation: the top-level (.co.uk, .london, .com etc) and the second level (Google, YouTube, BBC, and the such). The domain name should be straightforward and clearly reflect the company. It should, ideally, be the company name or brand name. Take note that two years from initial registration is the typical cycle of renewal for this.


When a physical server stores website data, hosting occurs. So when a web address is typed into a browser, such as www.companyname.co.uk, the internet will connect to the server that has all your site’s information then leads website information back to the users’ computer.

In terms of renewal, every year from the year it was registered is the typical renewal timeline.

Website Design and Development Services

Businesses that don’t have a big budget for website development will be just fine with a prebuilt theme from the likes of WordPress. However, it will not do well strategy-wise in the long term. It’s ideal to find professionals who don’t rely on themes at all. This is why a web designer’s services are practically invaluable. It’s key to get coding from an in-house developer as well.


No matter where a business is in the world, it’s practically essential to have a website. It’s usually the first point of contact between businesses and potential customers. Consider things like the domain name, hosting and other costs when having a website developed for your business. It’s also best to work with web design and development professionals to ensure a website that can work for you.

Are you searching for a digital marketing company to create a website that converts? Drop Stellified a line today! We’re Staffordshire-based but have a global clientele that we provide with the best in digital marketing and web design.


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Why Your London-Based Business Needs a Website

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