We build engaging websites marketing campaigns online reputations working relationships

We build
engaging websites marketing campaigns online reputations working relationships

6 Important Elements for Your Homepage

When you create a business website, you should think of it as preparing for an important job interview. That means you have to keep first impressions in mind. You want to make sure that your website looks not only presentable but impressive. This especially applies to your homepage, where guests land when they first get to your website. Depending on what they see on your homepage, they could proceed and explore the rest of your site or leave at once.

Naturally, you’d want them to stay on your site for as long as possible. To do that, make sure that your homepage has these elements that will help you get more traffic, leads, and ultimately, sales:

Recognisable Value Proposition

Tell your website visitors what your brand is all about with a clear and direct value proposition. It’s surprising that so many websites still don’t have this when it’s one of the most obvious ways to engage website visitors.

Set the tone right with a value proposition, so people will better understand what you offer as a brand and how you are different from your competition.

Intuitive Navigation

Navigation plays a huge role in website design. It should be easy for first-time visitors to find their way around your website. Don’t make your website complicated and confusing, or you’ll end up losing potential customers.

Your homepage should be designed with the buyer’s behaviour in mind. That means bringing the most-visited pages right to the forefront by making them accessible via navigation.

Clear Calls-to-Action

It should be clear what you want people to do on your website when they land on your homepage. Whether you want them to subscribe to your blogs, check out your products, or request a quote, they should be clearly indicated and easy to find, too. That said, it’s best to keep calls-to-action to two at most so it won’t be cluttered and confusing for your website visitors.

Client Testimonials

An astounding 79% of consumers trust testimonials and online reviews as much as their peers’ recommendations, if not more. Ensure that your company’s best reviews from previous or existing customers are out for interested parties to see.

Instead of citing all your good qualities and achievements, the satisfaction of your customers and their raves will work better for you. Testimonials can help build trust and convince new customers to take their chances with your brand.

Contact Information

Isn’t it frustrating when you are on a website and want to contact the company but couldn’t find any contact details? You don’t want your website visitors to feel that way, so make sure that you provide your contact info on the homepage. Include your phone number, email address, and links to your social media, among others.

A Video

While not a necessity, it wouldn’t hurt you to add a video on your homepage – as long as it gives guests a clearer idea of who you are as a brand and what your company does. You can also introduce your team through videos. This will humanise your brand more. Some people prefer to watch videos instead of going through texts, so a video on your homepage will cover this concern.


These are the essential elements that should be found on every website’s homepage. If you want to have the best website design, make sure that your homepage is compelling. Of course, the rest of the website should be engaging, but the first few seconds of a new visitor on your website will be spent on the homepage, so make sure it delivers.

Stellified is Staffordshire’s leading web design and digital marketing companies that can provide you with such services as web design. Contact our team today so we can help your business have the best website possible for your brand!


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6 Important Elements for Your Homepage

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