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We build
engaging websites marketing campaigns online reputations working relationships

Social Media for Content Marketing: The Lowdown

Anyone who has been doing digital marketing for a while now knows that a business's content marketing strategy won't be complete without social media. For business owners who are new to this, the use of social media for marketing could quickly get overwhelming and even frustrating at times. They feel like they're spending all of their time on the platforms, and it's not delivering the results they were expecting.

Does that mean they should just stop their efforts altogether? Of course not, social media is too valuable not to be utilised. Social media can boost awareness and help your content get traction. There’s a reason most bloggers promote their content on social media.

Apart from catching people’s attention and driving traffic to your content, social media also instantly helps you reach a wider audience. Your content also has the potential to get viral on social media, and that could lead to unimaginable success for your brand.

In this post, Stellified, one of the best digital marketing companies in Staffordshire, shares information on social media’s role in your content marketing strategy and how you can effectively use it to your advantage:

Social Media for Content Marketing: The Lowdown
Learning to embrace social media time efficiently

How to Embrace Social Media in a Time-Efficient Way

The key is strategy. When it comes to using social media for your content marketing strategy, you can’t just wing it. Asking yourself these questions can help you come up with a good strategy:

  • What are your goals?
  • How do you plan to achieve them?
  • What particular social media sites do your audience use, and how do they interact on those platforms?
  • How do you plan to track your progress?

Focus Your Efforts

You might be tempted to be present on all social media sites and try to build your content marketing through all those platforms, but that might not be the right approach, especially for someone who’s still learning the ropes. It’s better to focus your efforts on one site first. For instance, after researching and finding that your audience primarily uses Facebook, that’s the site you should focus on.

Come up with an effective strategy to promote your content on Facebook. Once you have nailed that and things are already going great steadily, you can add another social media platform.

Don’t forget to integrate your efforts, meaning you should communicate your brand values and message consistently and consider your goals and connect those between all your content channels. Know that most consumers will view at least three content pieces before making a decision to purchase. In a way, you should create a loop and include your audience in that loop through social media. This is how you can keep customers coming back for more.

What You Can Do

Before you begin anything, you should research your audience and understand their online habits and preferences. Observe how they act and interact on social media, so you’ll know how you can connect with them, too. Then choose a social media platform that you can start working on for your content marketing promotion.


Yes, social media for content marketing can be confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming, but with the right strategy, you can use it to your brand’s advantage. All you need is the right strategy – research, plan, execute, track. Don’t be present on all social media platforms all at once, especially if you are doing this on your own. Of course, you have the option to work with a digital marketing company that specializes in social media and content marketing. By getting the help of professionals, not only will you be present on all relevant platforms from the get-go, but you can see better results sooner, too.

Stellified is one of the best digital marketing companies in Staffordshire that can help you improve your content marketing strategy using social media, among other services. Contact us and learn more about how we can help boost your brand’s online presence!


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Social Media for Content Marketing: The Lowdown

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