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We build
engaging websites marketing campaigns online reputations working relationships

3 Big Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Social media can be a landmine, especially for brands trying to connect with their customers, clients and reach out to new ones.

While there is plenty you can do right, sometimes the rules of the corporate world can clash with the landscape of social media. Social media is a place where you can express yourself, explore new things, and for the most part, have fun.

If traditional marketing had to be attractive and persuasive, social media marketing must be entertaining, somewhat authentic, and highly targeted. The thing is, when you’re marketing on social media, you have to let more than the public knows about your products and services.

People need more than that. They want to get to know you. What is your brand? What do they have in common with your company? If people can’t relate to your brand, it’s easy to get dismissed or overlooked for the next thing.

That said, today, we’re here to discuss three big mistakes you should avoid ensuring that your brand can successfully market on social media.

3 Big Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
Mistakes that can negatively impact your brand on social media.

Mistake # 1: Overthinking

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to overthink your marketing strategy and content. The best rule to follow on social media is, “less is more.” The simpler, the better. This doesn’t mean you should go with plain and conservative content. It means that when it comes to creating content and coming up with a strategy, you should focus on two simple things: your goals and your audience.

The rest is noise. Social media marketing demands companies to juggle multiple things at once. You must understand trends, audience behaviour, feelings, and values, and more. It can be overwhelming, which is what leads to overthinking. When you find yourself bombarded with too much, take a moment to think about what you want to say to the audience. Then think about your audience, what they want and how you provide them with that.

Overthinking your social media marketing can lead to poor decisions and sometimes inauthentic content that the audience will see right through. Stick to your strengths and when you’ve found your footing, explore further.

Mistake # 2: Failing to Engage the Audience

Most companies tend to forget the “social” part of social media marketing. You have to capitalise on that when you’ve got a good strategy in place and good content being released. Your work doesn’t stop when you post. You should still be there, monitoring and responding to comments and messages an hour or two after the fact.

This can help to build a stronger image for you. It also ensures that you have a relationship to maintain with your audience. They must see the brand as an industry leader and as a reliable and trustworthy source of information. When you engage with the audience in various ways, it will endear you to them.

Mistake # 3: Not Including a Call to Action (CTA)

Whether it’s on social media or not, everything you do in marketing should have a purpose. To fulfil that purpose, you need the audience to act. You could tell them to buy your product or get your service.

You can ask them to visit your website or your store. All of your marketing content should have a call to action. This is the best way to work towards your goals actively. Beyond that, you can’t be sure what the audience will do until you get the results. But if you waste the chance to direct them towards something, you’ve missed out on the opportunity that social media can provide.


Social media can be your playground if you know how to navigate it. It’s a beautiful tool that can build your business and grow it beyond your wildest dreams. But first, you need to understand how it works. Your main priority should always be your target audience and what you want to say to them. Social media is the perfect place to interact with your customers. Make it count.

If you’re interested in exploring social media and improving your digital marketing, we can help you. Stellified is a UK-based web design and digital marketing agency in Staffordshire. Our mission is to help you reach your goals in measurable and cost-effective ways. To learn more about what we do and how we can help you, contact us today!


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3 Big Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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